by David Christopher M.H.

Influenza (or flu) can be found anywhere in the world.  However, the cure can also be found anywhere in the world.  The cure is garlic.

The dose is 16 cloves of fresh garlic a day if infected or 4 cloves a day as a preventative measure.  This may sound simplistic, but it works.

If you want a readymade product, there is no better remedy than Dr. Christopher’s Anti-Plague Formula (now called Super Immune Garlic Formula).  I would suggest consuming a 4 oz bottle per day if infected until all symptoms have terminated.  The dosage on the label would suffice as a preventative (see the story below for how this formula was developed by Dr. Christopher and how it has been used to cure epidemics in the past).

The other procedure that will ensure success is Dr. Christopher’s Cold Sheet Treatment, which is in booklet form and is available from Christopher Publications

If you are infected additional helps would be to avoid all animal products (especially dairy) and go on a liquid diet of fresh juices and plenty of distilled water and red raspberry tea.  Eat onion soup (see recipe here).  Lubricate the body liberally with garlic oil - especially the chest and soles of the feet.  Use onion poultices on the chest.  To make an onion poultice slice an onion, put it in a dish, and heat it in the oven until the juices start to flow.  You don’t want to burn the patient, but the onions need to be warm.  Rub olive oil on the chest of the patient (add some Sen-Sei if you want), then put the onions on.  Then cover the onions with your cloth.  Next wrap saran wrap around the patient and the poultice.  This may take two people to keep the onions from falling out!  Then wrap an ace bandage around the saran wrap to secure the poultice. 

Make sure the bowels are moving by taking Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula.

I have heard rumors that this strain of flu triggers the Immune system to damage itself.  I cannot believe this to be true – however, if it does then I would use Dr. Christopher’s Immucalm Formula with the above mentioned procedures. 

I recently did a Radio show on this flu and suggest that you listen to it for more details and information.  You can listen for free this week by clicking here.

To learn more and to gain confidence in treating influenza, I would strongly suggest that you take the Family Herbalist course online.  This course (and future courses) will give you the knowledge and skills you need to handle this flu and almost any other illness that you will deal with.  We strongly believe that the best prevention is knowledge!

How Dr. Christopher Created the Super Immune Garlic Formula

“While lecturing in Snowflake, Arizona one night, one of the students asked if we had an Super Garlic Immune formula, and after saying a quick prayer I was prompted to give them a certain combination of herbs to use.

“The people there were very impressed to go right to work and prepare this liquid, having it ready for use. We had told them that plagues come at unexpected times and it could be tomorrow or maybe even years away, but expect the unexpected and be ready now.

“These good people made it up in gallon lots and had it on hand. Months later while speaking in Tucson, Arizona, someone asked for the ‘Super Garlic Immune remedy.’ I was surprised and asked where they had heard of it as we had only given it out once. We were informed that a plague-like condition or flu had hit the Snowflake area and when other aids failed, this combination of herbs in liquid form performed its job with amazing speed.

“At our next series of lectures in Snowflake, sometime later, we heard one testimony after another about the many different types of ailments that were given quick relief by using this formula. The formula has now spread in many areas from coast to coast and is being used with good results. A man picked us up at an airport on the west coast a short time ago, and on the floor of his car was a bottle with liquid in it. When asked what it was he said, ‘oh, that’s your Super Garlic Immune remedy, we never travel without it as it works good on about any sickness that comes up while we are traveling. We are also never without a bottle of it at home.’”

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