Judith Carter MH

Garlic is one of my favorite herbs.  It is inexpensive, can be found in almost any market in the world and is easy and fun to grow.  Fresh garlic vs. powdered garlic makes any recipe go from great to incredible.  When it comes to natural healing, garlic can work wonders and some would even say miracles.


This past year our family has had some opportunities to put garlic to the test.  My son’s wife called me and said that she has caught strep throat every year of her life. Knowing how it feels when it starts to come on, she wanted to know what she could do to help stop it naturally.  I related to her what David Christopher at the School of Natural Healing had taught me to do for strep throat, also telling her that it worked in 2-3 days vs. two weeks for antibiotics.  Simply mix together 1 tbsp. honey, 2 cloves crushed garlic, 1/4-1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper and then take 1/2 tsp. every hour. Don’t chase it down with water; just let it trickle down your throat. Yes, it will be hot but that brings circulation to your throat which speeds up the healing process.  She followed the therapy and did not get strep throat. The best part is she usually has everything she needs to take care of it, right in her kitchen.

Another experience was with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).  This same son and his wife found themselves in a situation where they were exposed to MRSA time and time again.  Unfortunately, they ended up getting it.  MRSA is an infection that presents as a red bump that resembles a pimple, pustule or boil. They were told that every time they had an outbreak they would have to take antibiotics and that this would be a life time thing. My son’s first MRSA outbreak was slightly smaller than the size of a golf ball and he had another outbreak not too long after the first one.   Once again we turned to garlic.  They put 16 cloves through a garlic press (that’s 16 for him and 16 for her….32 total) and periodically during the day, they put a teaspoon into a cup with enough water for one big swallow until all the garlic was gone. They did this for three days….yes, that was 48 cloves each, making a total of 96 cloves for the two of them. After doing this garlic therapy neither one of them has had trouble with MRSA for over a year now.  It’s wonderful how something so common and simple can be so powerful in healing the human body.

Garlic has been used historically.  One story states, “Garlic was the principal ingredient in the famous Four Thieves Vinegar which was adapted so successfully at Marseilles for protection against the plague when it prevailed there in 1772″.  Four thieves confessed that while protected by the liberal use of aromatic garlic vinegar during the plague, they plundered the dead bodies of the victims with complete safety.

We now have the modern version of this garlic vinegar, Dr. Christopher’s Super Garlic Immune formula. This is a formula I try to always have on hand. It is so simple and yet amazing! When it comes to natural healing, garlic is definitely one of those herbs I wouldn’t want to be without.


Take the time to research garlic and you will soon find yourself also saying……thank you garlic!!!


 Judith Carter is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She also graduated from the International Institute of Iridology as a Holistic Iridologist and is certified in acupressure.