By Katherine “Kat” Drovdahl MH, CR, DipHIr, CEIT - Oregon

Book review by Christopher Publications


Have you ever wondered how much herb or essential oil you can use or apply to the creature members of your family? Or wish you understood more about husbandry practices for your pets, poultry, exotics or other farm stock? Wonder no longer. You CAN learn how to be an excellent creature herbalist! Kat, a lifetime pet, livestock, poultry and horse owner, has demystified the area of animal herbalism by carefully taking the beginning to advanced creature owner as well as those new or advanced in the world of herbs or essential oils and applying these to the benefit of your beloved companions. Careful thought is given in this book to lay a clear foundation for you, so that you can learn not only what you might do in easy to very difficult (even ‘incurable’) situations, but also WHY you are doing so, in order to help you grow in your confidence and skill as an herbalist. Kat also shares when you should consider calling on your veterinarian. How to use this book with your human family is also considered. She discusses herbs, essential oils, Dr. Christopher products, and her company’s products to give you opportunities to work with what you might have on hand. So whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, like using products, or are somewhere in between, this book can be a helpful resource.

A Vitalistic approach is taken which will help you assess the cause of the situation you are facingso that you can do much better than just try to cover up symptoms. You will learn how to assist the body to heal itself whatever the problem’s cause may be. Spiritual, physical, environmental, and emotional aspects are all considered as you seek to help your creatures to abundant wellness. Kat shares many easy to follow stories of actual experiences in order to help the reader understand the body’s process as it moves towards wellness. Twenty eight chapters and 515+ pages cover many topics, including herbal foundations, husbandry, supplements and feed, dosage, methods of herb or essential oil administration, creating a garden for use with your creatures, breeding, preparation & gestation, creature midwifery, raising baby animals to their greatest genetic potential, parasites, exhibiting creatures, poisons, senior or failure to thrive creatures and several chapters on different systems and organs in the body and their care. You can obtain your copy right away from Christopher publications.

Kat’s hope for you is that through this book you and your creatures will be fully, fully blessed.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the MH ladies in The School of Natural Healing office (Jo, Mishelle, Doreen and Yvonne) and David Christopher MH for their support and encouragement while working on this project. All of you are such a BLESSING! Thank-you!!!

Kat Drovdahl is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She also is a Certified Reflexologist, a Diplomate of Holistic Iridology, a Certified Equine Iridology Technician and has International Certification in Aromatherapy. She and her husband are ‘owned’ by their LaMancha dairy goats, guardian dogs, a barn cat, some poultry and their Norwegian Fjord horses.