Jennifer Van Gorp, M.H.

There are many amazing plants out there. But plantain is one I always try to tell people about because it’s found all over the world AND it can be used for both minor and life-threatening ailments.
Since I live in Hawaii, I call it by its Hawaiian name, “Laukahi.” This common plant is also known as plantain and it grows just about everywhere throughout the world! It is a powerful blood cleanser that is especially useful in drawing out poison from the bloodstream so that it can be eliminated.
There are many different types of plantain, but the two main ones are: broad-leaf plantain (Plantago major?) and narrow-leaf plantain (Plantago lanceolata).

Bites, Stings and Blood Infections
For bites, stings and blood infections (like when you start to see that red line…), a poultice of laukahi can be made: chew on the leaves (do not swallow the juice), and spit it all out on the wound. The digestive enzymes from your saliva help to breakdown the plant, making its medicinal properties more useable. Apply as much as needed to thoroughly cover the affected area. When it dries, apply more of the fresh, wet poultice.

Staph Infections
This can also be useful in cases of staph infections. Make a poultice of 2 parts comfrey, 1 part laukahi, and 1 part olena (turmeric) and apply it directly to the infection. The poultice can be made in the blender or in your mouth (keep in mind the olena stains!).

Food Poisoning
Laukahi can also be used for food poisoning: just chew the leaf, suck out and swallow the juice, then eat the pulp. Eat at least one large handful like this.

Sea Stings
Laukahi mixed with urine will help to sooth wana (sea urchin) and pololia (jellyfish) stings.

Jennifer Van Gorp is a graduated Master Herbalist, Singer/Songwriter and Past Life Hypnotist who enjoys outdoor recreation, dancing and playing board games with her husband.