What would you do if you were suddenly unable to get access to your prescription drugs? Maybe you don’t use Rx drugs, but can you imagine a scenario where the 50% of the population that does rely on Rx drugs is forced to do without?  Can you envision the pain and suffering that would ensue if millions of people were suddenly unable to get their antidepressants, pain pills, and heart medications? This is not just a hypothetical situation, but in the event of a long-term disaster such as an economic collapse the #1 cause of death is projected to be lack of access to medicines.


The 400+ page Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness is an easy-to-use, no-nonsense guide to using Mother Nature’s medicines herbs and essential oils along with basic reflexology, basic acupressure, and a healthy lifestyle to help with chronic illness, injury, infectious disease, pregnancy, childbirth, sanitation, hygiene, mental health, and more!  The chapter on first aid also contains advice from the Western medical perspective.  Whether you are looking for maximal medical preparedness for natural disaster or a collapse scenario, or you are serious about using medicines from Mother Nature for your day-to-day health, The Essential Survival Guide to Medical Preparedness will help you be ready to handle hundreds of health concerns yourself at home!


Authors Julie Behling-Hovdal (reflexologist, holistic healer, & essential oil enthusiast), Rebecca Potter (Master Herbalist, School of Natural Healing graduate), and Edward Behling (medic) come together to provide an interesting and practical take on natural medicines, preparedness, and first aid that will empower their readers to achieve greater medical self-sufficiency at a time when many in this country are moving toward more medical dependency.  Included are full-color reflexology and acupressure charts and instruction on how to deliver a baby in the event trained help is unavailable.


This book is now available through Christopher Publicationshttp://christopherpublications.com/Essential_Survival_Guide.html