February 6, 2008

By Martha Whitney, M.H.

The first opportunity I had to experience the impact of this “wonder drug” began in the sixth month of my tenth pregnancy.  I
started eating fresh ginger raw with meals.  The amount I would consume would be equal to a piece of ginger about the size of my thumb or larger, three to four times per week.
Immediately, I noticed my energy level change.  I had more energy than I knew what to do with.  I started walking two miles every day and kept that up throughout the pregnancy.  Even the day of birth I walked two miles.  I was forty-four years old at the time.
Along with the incredible energy boost, I noticed that when I went up the stairs I no longer became breathless after only ascending a few steps.  In fact I could run up our spiral staircase which is fairly long, with no panting what-so-ever!
It became clear to me that ginger was having an effect on my heart and arteries.  This was in fact visibly confirmed by the size of the varicose veins I get while pregnant.  The size of these veins reduced easily by one-half of their previous size.
Constipation is a common problem for many women during pregnancy.  This tendency, which I have also experienced, was no longer a problem while using this volume of ginger.  There seems to be a connection between a clean intestinal tract and mental clarity.

The mental clarity I benefited from was quite profound.  I felt as though I was coming out of a fog.
With the increased stimulation to the circulatory system, the tendency to have arthritic aches and pains diminished to the point
of non-existence.  The circulatory stimulation also helped alleviate the chronic tendency I have to be cold.
Another unexpected benefit of ongoing ginger usage was the realization that the bronchial cough which stayed with me most of the year, disappeared in the middle of the winter season in which it is always more pronounced.
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