by Fawn Christopher

September 12, 2007

This summer our daughter, Ginger, spent 3 weeks in New York at a ballet school. This was an eye opener for her! She was blown away by how much coffee and caffeine these girls used. They could not start the day with out their coffee! Let alone get through the day with out more coffee and/or caffeine. These girls were 12 to 18 years old! Ginger told us about girls sitting out of class because they had no energy.

She didnt drink the coffee and had tons of energy!! She never missed a class! Some girls complained about shin splints, sore muscles, bruised toes. Ginger would just pull out her sensei, cayenne balm and complete bone and tissue ointment and begin to rub it on her legs or feet. The other girls started to come around and began asking what she was doing. She shared her supplies, which meant that we had to hurry and send more to NY! Pretty soon Ginger had all of her class using her products and eating Ginger Chews. ( she was also giving out the web site address) The instructors loved her and all of the other girls loved her too!

One would think that at a dance camp the food would be geared to what a dancer would need for optimum energy and health. Well there was a lot of pizza, pasta, hamburgers etc. She could find a boca burger on hamburger nights but to help supplement her diet, she took her Vitalerbs and some complete bone and tissue capsules. She was never sick one day and became the top dancer in the class!!

Isnt it wonderful when our children use what they have learned at home and share it with others!