September 15, 2007

by Fawn Christopher, MH

Wow! Summer has flown by!!

Our son, Jesse, was in Italy and France with the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble for 5 weeks.  He had a fantastic trip!

However while there the group passed around coughs, etc.  He had Echinacea with him so he was able to get over this little episode within just a couple of days.  The rest took about 5-6 days.  They were able to spend the last 2 days in Paris just sight seeing and of course eating all of the wonderful French food!

By the time they all got on the  plane to come home everyone was coughing hard and not looking too great.  The directors sent e-mails to the rest of the group informing them that they had been diagnosed with walking pneumonia.  We had already started working on Jesse.  It didn’t matter what anyone called it, we knew what to do.

First he began to only eat fruit to start to cleanse.  Lots of water, too.  We applied X-ceptic to his back and chest followed by Sensei.  Also, a very small dab of Sensei on the back on his teeth was helpful at night to keep him from coughing so he could sleep.  Of course, we did an onion poultice on his chest as well.  This really made a difference for him.  Red raspberry leaf tea and Echinacea were administered freely and often.  It has been 1 week since he got home and his cough is MUCH less and he looks so much better!  The rest of the group is still trying to get over it.

The simplicity of natural healing is so wonderful!