Jo Franks M.H.

This week we are announcing a new book that can be purchased through Christopher Publications. The book is called Thrive and was written by Brendan Brazier who has been a professional ironman tri-athlete. He tried many different diets and ways of eating in an effort to decrease his recovery time and to maximize his training. He says that 80% of recovery has to do with diet and discovered that when he stayed on a plant based diet eating mostly raw vegan foods his performances improved and his recovery times decreased. His body was able to recover from the stress of his rigorous workouts quicker so that he was ready to put in more training time. “The result was astounding.” He explains. “Not only did my recovery time plummet but my energy level, strength-to-weight ratio, and endurance shot up…I attribute these exceptionally fast gains to the detailed attention I paid to my diet.”

T. Collin Campbell, author to the China Study said this about Thrive; “Brendon Brazier tells a very important story, one that is vital for the thousands, even millions of individuals who train for athletics only to unnecessarily harm their body and therefore performance through poor nutrition. Thrive is a must read.”

The Thrive diet aims to reduce biological age, increase life expectancy, help reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle, increase energy without coffee or sugar, increase strength and endurance, improve productivity, improve mental clarity, improve sleep quality, reduce sleep requirements, improve resistance to infection, quicken recovery from exercise, reduce or eliminate sugar cravings, increase desire to excel.

Whether you are a professional athlete, exercise occasionally or are interested in beginning an exercise program, this book gives valuable information and nutritional guidelines to follow.  It also includes a twelve week menu plan with recipes. It is a valuable resource for everyone who is looking to improve their health and vitality. It’s a good book.

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