Kelly Pomeroy, M.H.

In the past few months, I have met several people whom have struggled with one or more of these challenges; depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness or interrupted sleep, tension, and/or mental and physical exhaustion. Truthfully, I have found myself here as well. We become stressed out due to work demands, financial struggles, health issues, relationship challenges, traumas and the rigorous routines of life. Our world is growing in both its pace and intensity. We have more of the electronic world at our finger tips. Overall moral standards have declined, and both nation and worldwide problems are affecting us. How do we live in this world but not let it run us over?

Our nerves take quite a toll. They require proper nutrient uptake and rest to work optimally. The nervous system is composed of nerves that connect from our brain, down our spinal column and then branch out through our body. It is responsible for conscious and unconscious actions that are transmitted chemically through synapses. Other areas are affected as we experience stress; our digestive system providing nutrient uptake, our endocrine system secreting hormones to maintain body function, our liver processing hormones etc. and bowels eliminating old cells and waste. By supporting these systems and organs, we can reduce and even eliminate some consequences. As I have helped others and myself dealing with nervous disorders, I have discovered that lifestyle choices, diet and herbs ease the strain and provide great help for the body.

Lifestyle choices: Some challenges in our lives we have little or no control over, but we can choose how we respond to them. Work on those things you can have an effect on and put those you cannot in the hands of your Creator.  Expressing gratitude for the things we do have, looking at the good around, forgiving ourselves and others lightens our load. Take time for self-care, eating wholesome and delicious meals, getting sunshine, regular exercise, a quiet walk ( I love barefoot on the earth), reducing excessive expectation, going to bed earlier, spend time with your loved ones, express love and give service to others. Find a counselor or good caring friend that can listen to you and provide perspective. Often we just need a listening, compassionate ear and then we have the courage to keep going. Working through emotion and grief helps support our hormones and nerves.

Diet: Fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds provide the nutrients our body needs in carbohydrates, proteins and fats to keep the body strong and healthy. Avoid white sugar and soda pop! It leaches calcium from your body which is important for your nerve sheath health. Avoid processed foods, caffeine and eat animal products sparingly to prevent hormone imbalance. Eating wholesome foods when you’re in a hurry can really help. “Fast foods” I recommend are apples, carrots, grapes, celery, nuts, seeds and other seasonal raw foods. They take little to no preparation, are nourishing and delicious. When you do have time to sit down to a prepared meal, relax. Enjoy the time and the people you are with. This will help your digestion and relax your nerves.

HerbsBefore I learned of herbs, I used medicines to combat depression and anxiety that made me feel numb and I didn’t see a positive change. I now choose these options.

Fresh valerian: It serves as a sleep aid. I take it just before bed to help me sleep through the night and to also help soothe and rebuild the nerve sheath.

Kava kava: This helps with anxiety, having a calming effect and rebuilding the nerves.

Dandelion: This helps the liver to process hormones and other substances out of the body.

Formulas by Dr. Christopher I highly recommend: Vitalerbs, Mindtrac, Relax-Eze, Liver Transition, Hormonal Changease and wheat germ oil capsules, Lower Bowel and  Master Gland  formulas. Click these highlighted formulas for more information. As you try to incorporate these healthier habits into your life, that feeling of too much, too soon, not enough, overwhelmed and undone will soften and the load lighten. Best wishes!

Kelly Pomeroy is a graduated Master Herbalist and Student Adviser for The School of Natural Healing and loves being a mother to her awesome four kiddos!