by David Christopher MH

For millenniums people have practiced interventive dentistry starting with tooth pulling, wooden and metal replacements, mercury compounded fillings, root canals, and th

e one attempt at prevention, fluoride, which ends up destroying the very enamel it was supposed to protect.  Do modern dentists fulfill a useful purpose today?  Absolutely, they are wonderful technicians and save people from a lot of suffering.  However we need to ask, is there something better?  Of Course there is something better!

To find true health for our teeth we need to look at the facts.  Humans and their pets get tooth decay, all other animals do not.  You will not find tooth decay in nature.  You will not find gorillas, wolves and lions, out in the wild, flossing and brushing their teeth!  Nor do you see them crowded in dental waiting rooms, waiting for treatment.  Yet they keep all their teeth until they die.  While their counter parts, our cats and dogs, have the same diseases that we have, including dental disease.

Knowing this important fact, we now need to examine the differences between us and gorillas, and our pets and their wild counterparts.  The main difference is obvious.  Gorillas and other animals in nature have never been spotted sitting around campfires cooking hot dogs and marshmallows and washing down their S’mores with colas and other sugary beverages. Yes, dental health is all about environment.  We have developed an environment where our dental health has deteriorated over centuries and continues to deteriorate currently.

In comparing our situation and the reality of nature, we can observe that wild animals eat their food raw while we “civilized animals” eat our food cooked (processed).  If wild animals get food stuck between their teeth, the enzymes, inherent in all food, breaks it down.  Enzymes are destroyed, starting at 118 degrees and are non-existent after exposure to temperatures above 140.  To illustrate the importance of enzymes, let me relate my own observations with those who live vegetarian lifestyles who also suffer multiple cavities.  Vegetarians can eat fresh raw apples, every day of their lives, and these raw apples will never cause decay.  Yet if they eat a lot of dried apples it can rot their teeth out.  It is interesting to note that even though dried apples are not cooked, and retain their enzymes; these enzymes are inactivated when dried, because they require a watery environment to function.  Therefore the concentrated sugar from the apple stuck between the teeth causes tooth decay.

So, if we have blown it by not practicing prevention and we now have cavities, are there natural treatments?  Of course there are and they have been around for centuries.  Since they are “alternative” and not promoted by the current system, they are not well known.   Let me relate my personal preference for a natural program to deal with cavities.

  • First, stop feeding the bacteria.  No sugar, white flour or dairy, this is the minimal you can do.  The optimal is no refined food.
  • Then, remove the offending bacteria.  This is accomplished by flossing and then brushing with Dr. Christopher’s tooth powder (all tooth pastes are counter- productive).
  • Next thoroughly rinse with water, and then orally take one spoonful of a good quality olive oil or coconut oil.  Swish this oil between the teeth around the mouth and gums for 10 minutes.  Do not swallow this oil, for it is attracting the bacteria in the mouth and cavities, which become trapped in it.  Spit this out into a lined waste basket rather than in the sink as to not clog the plumbing.
  • Then orally take two droppers full of Dr. Christopher’s X-Ceptic extract and swish it between the teeth for three minutes and then swallow it.
  • Next stretch out a cotton ball and soak it in X-Ceptic extract, which is then placed between the gum and cheeks.  This is left in until the next time you eat.  After eating, the entire procedure is repeated.

When the bacteria are destroyed, the pain is greatly diminished.  To totally be free of pain, the damage caused by the bacteria needs to be repaired, including the rebuilding of tooth and enamel.  This is accomplished with consuming one quart per day of Dr. Christopher’s BF&C bulk herb decoction.  It should be sipped and swished throughout the day.
Many clients have reported back with successful experiences using this routine.  I personally have experienced tremendous reduction of tooth pain, and have witnessed the miraculous repair of bacteria caused cavities.