by Johm Keim, author “Comfort for the Burned and Wounded”

July 2, 2008

Safety Precautions

REMEMBER:  Prevention is much easier than curing!

- DON’T EVER set hot water of any hot liquid on the floor for any reason whatsoever.
- DON’T leave the handles of pots and pans sticking out over the edge of the stove.
- DON’T handle hot pots and pans with an apron that you are wearing.
- DON’T carry hot water in a kettle holding it in front of you.  Carry it in a pail at your side.
- DON’T pour kerosene, gas or anything flammable into any stove.
- DON’T store kerosene, naphtha or gas jugs side by side, no matter how well marked.
- DON’T store naphtha or gas jugs inside a house.
- DON’T fill lights, lamps, etc. more than ¾ full.  Cold fuel expands when brought into room temperature and can explode.
- DON’T ever leave a room where a candle is burning.
- DON’T set candles close to curtains or anything flammable.  They should be in proper candle holders.
- DON’T fill gas or naphtha lights in a room where there is a flame (stove, lamp, etc.).  Fumes travel fast and can easily explode.
- DON’T refill gas lanterns and lights until you are sure that they are absolutely out.  Flames in the mantels tend to go out slowly.
- DON’T let matches lay around.  Keep them out of the reach of children.

Keim offers some additional tips for dealing with burns in areas of the body that bend (at the joints, between fingers, toes, folds or tissues around the neck, abdomen or under breasts):

After covering all exposed sections of the skin loss with salve and leaves – remember – leaves must be placed between folds and digits of the hands and feet to keep them from growing together.

The palm and fingers of the hands in particular must be straightened and flattened while healing.  A child has a natural tendency to close the fingers and cup the palm.  If left unprotected, they will head like a claw and cupped palm seriously disabling them for life.

After dressing the hand in the usual manner, a piece of corrugated cardboard can be cut out to the width of the hand and length from fingertip to wrist, placed on the back of the hand on top of the dressing. 
Wrap flattened palm and fingers up against the cardboard with a gauze roll.

For elbows and knees a similar approach is needed.  Daily exercise and straightening of the muscles is necessary to keep them from shortening permanently.  An aggressive effort must be used while exercising even though it is painful, to avoid a lifetime of disability.

Another important thing is your diet.  Supplementing it with foods of special benefit is important after the body has recuperated from initial shock and is ready to take nourishment.

The first intake besides water should be electrolytes (in 1 quart water add 1 tsp. salt, ½ tsp. soda biocarbonate, 2 tablespoons honey plus some orange or lemon juice).  For large burns, four to eight quarts a day may be taken.  After that freshly pressed vegetables juice from raw foods such as carrots, celery, spinach, cabbage, beets, etc. may be used.  A large percentage of juice may be carrot juice.  If using red beets only use a small portion with other vegetables.  These juices should be offered to the patient from three to six times daily.

Figs, prunes and prune juice [and Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula] may be included to promote healthy bowel movements.

The School of Natural Healing also encourages you to add Jurassic Green (1 t – 1 T three times a day) and Vitalerbs (6 capsules three times a day during healing for a total of 18 capsules a day) to your diet – especially during healing.

Comfort for the Burned and WoundedIt is impossible to share all that you need to know about burns in this short newsletter, but this is a very important thing for you to know how to deal with at home.  We highly recommend you add the book “Comfort for the Burned and Wounded” by John Keim to your library and first aid kit.  This can be purchased from Christopher Publications for just $14.95. At that price you can afford to have more than one copy so that it is always on hand when needed.  It also makes an excellent gift (especially when packaged with some Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment and raw honey).  To order the book please visit: