Mishelle Knuteson MH

I was recently talking with a friend and she was telling me that she was taking iodine tablets and liking the results that she was receiving from them. My concern for her was that these tablets are chemically based and I didn’t want her to suffer any side effects that may result.  I was thinking up an herbal formula that may assist her naturally rather than chemically, when I was reminded of how complete and wonderful Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerbs formula is. It contains just the right blend of vitamins and minerals that are easy to assimilate.


Most whole foods contain a varied list of nutritional and medicinal properties. Listed are just a few benefits the herbs give to the Vitalerbs formula;


Alfalfa ~ a rich reservoir of nutrients and primarily works as a detoxifier of the blood and reducer of inflammation. High in beta-carotene, chlorophyllins, Vitamins A & C.

Dandelion ~ abundance of minerals, commonly used for the liver and as a diuretic because of its bitter properties. High in iron, manganese, phosphorus, and electrolytes sodium and potassium.

Kelp ~ works on the metabolic rate, thyroid activity and detoxifying the body. High in iodine, calcium, magnesium, niacin, potassium, selenium, sodium.

Purple Dulse ~ most mineral rich plant. Alkalizes and cools the blood to help reduce congestion. Contains iodine, amino acids, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, fluorine, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium.

Spirulina ~ also known as blue-green algae. It is a concentrated food source that can act as an appetite suppressant. Good source of protein, manganese, riboflavin, thiamine, iron, chromium, magnesium, zinc.

Irish Moss ~ balances hormonal deficiency especially in the thyroid and metabolism. Very good for the digestive system and source for electrolytes. High in calcium, magnesium, sodium and iodine.

Rose hips ~ great source for bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Strengthens the circulatory system, capillaries and connective tissue. The astringent properties help to reduce inflamed tissue

Beet ~ perfect for cardiovascular health. Rich in Vitamin C, betaine, magnesium, iron, potassium.

Nutritional Yeast ~ complete protein and good source for complex B vitamins. Helps your body to convert food into energy.

Cayenne~ One of the best stimulants for all body systems. Increases blood circulation and perspiration, reduces blood pressure, increases production of digestive fluids and fights infection. High in Vitamin C , Vitamin A, B complex vitamins, flavonoid anti-oxidants.

Blue Violet ~ effective expectorant that works to clear the upper respiratory system, cleanses the blood and calms the nerves. Improves the body’s resistance to disease and infection. High in vitamin A and C.

Oat Straw ~ aids calcium absorption. Helps prevent osteoporosis and assists the urinary tract. Excellent source of the major mineral including magnesium and calcium.

Carrot ~ rich source of carotenes and vitamin A which is a powerful natural anti-oxident. Contains healthy levels of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus.

Ginger ~ a very effective digestive stimulant. The phenolic oleo resins and volatile oils in this herb give it amazing antimicrobial properties.

Barley grass juice ~ High in chromium and thiamine which helps the process of metabolizing carbohydrates and produce glucose. High in potassium, the principal catalyst in intracellular fluids and digestive enzyme function.

Wheat grass juice ~ nutrient packed. Enhances the immune system destroys bacteria, and removes toxins. Contains protein forming amino acids that the body needs to digest food.


Vitalerbs are made from whole plants giving you all the healthful benefits without the side effects common with a chemically isolated supplement. They are a great addition to even the healthiest diet.


Mishelle Knuteson is certified in Rapid Eye Technology (RET) an emotional release therapy, teaches classes in The Art of Feminine Presence and a Master Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Mishelle currently works as an Educative Master Herbalist (MH) for The School of Natural Healing and as Office Manager of Christopher Publications.