by Mishelle Knuteson MH

Just recently I was replaced as the president of a women’s group for my church. All along I felt I was doing a good job of serving and helping the women of our congregation, yet an interesting thing happened when I was told of the upcoming change. My self talk changed. The voices within my head kept telling me about all the “wrong” things I had done, where I was “lacking” and how it was a good thing someone new was coming so she could do things “right”. All of the “should haves” started coming to me to weigh me down and negate any good that I may have done.

Have you ever heard those voices in your head (self talk) that tell you that you aren’t good enough, no one appreciates you, you are all alone, you can never get well, you will never measure up, that will never work so you might as well not try….on and on and on?

It has been reported that we have around 65,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day and of those thoughts about 72% of them are negative. Thoughts are created from the images that we see and the conversations that are going on around us and in our heads, the self talk.  We live on a planet that is set up with opposites; the north and south poles, day and night, light and dark, summer and winter….etc. Oppositional influences will affect us as well. Our self talk can be influenced by a negative or a positive force.

The first step in changing the self talk from the negative to the positive is to be aware of it. Start writing down the negative conversations that are going on in your head. If you can see it, you can stop it. Don’t think that you will simply remember it and be able to address it later. Write it down! Bring it to your awareness so you can change it. It’s in your head and by writing it down you get it out of your head and that puts you in a place of power to change it. Once you have written the negative thoughts down, write one positive direct opposite for it plus one more.

For example: You aren’t good enough

Direct opposite: I am doing the best I know how with the information I have and that is good enough.

Here is a simple equation that would be good for you to remember: 


Don’t allow negative self talk to rule you. You have the power to change the chatter in your head to be 72% (or more) positive and therefore change the results in your life. Bring in the positive. You are a gift to the people around you, so treat yourself as such; be kind in your self talk. It is OK to think you are awesome, because you are!

Mishelle Knuteson is certified in Rapid Eye Technology (RET) an emotional release therapy, teaches classes in The Art of Feminine Presence and a Master Herbalist ~ graduate of The School of Natural Healing. Mishelle currently works as an Educative Master Herbalist (MH) for The School of Natural Healing and as Office Manager of Christopher Publications.

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