November 28, 2007

A Master Herbalist designation from The School of Natural Healing will empower you with the knowledge and confidence needed to tackle almost any health issue.  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, concerned father, herb retailer, chiropractor, massage therapist, midwife or medical professional, the training you will receive from The School of Natural Healing will make you a valuable asset to your family and community.  A Master Herbalist is able to deal with any health concern naturally.
In order to understand more about what a Master Herbalist can and can’t do, let’s first answer the question:
Why Natural Healing?
Studies show that over half the population of the United States will use some form of alternative medicine this year.  Tens of thousands of people rely on herbs instead of drugs when they feel ill.  What is causing this trend?  What has changed in the last 40 years that has so many people turning from their doctors and drugs to herbology and other forms of alternative medicine?
MEDICAL MISTAKES: In a landmark study in the New England Journal of Medicine it is estimated that one million patients nationwide are injured yearly by errors during hospital treatment and 120,000 people die as a result (NEJM, Leape et. al 1991 Vol 325 (3):210).
DANGEROUS DRUGS: A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that an estimated 100,000 people die every year due to correctly prescribed medications.  Every drug has side effects, some of them are very lethal (JAMA Leape et. al July 5, 2000 Vol 284:95).
HERBS ARE SAFE: For thousands of years, herbs have been used to treat and prevent disease.  In that time, very few adverse reactions have been reported.  When adverse reactions do occur, they are usually the result of a mixture of herbs and pharmaceutical drugs.
LOOK TO THE CAUSE: In order to effectively deal with health problems, herbalists look to the cause of disease instead of just the symptoms.
HERBS WORK: Natural healers throughout history have witnessed the healing power of herbs.  The School of Natural Healing has received thousands of letters and calls from people delighted with the results of herbal remedies.
Learn From the Best
There are other herbal programs out there.  Why should you choose The School of Natural Healing?
Dr. John R Christopher was the founder of The School of Natural Healing.  In his youth, John began his own study on natural healing when he saw its positive results in healing his mother of dropsy.  His enthusiasm increased when he cured himself of cancer using natural methods.  After his experience as a supervisor of a medical dispensary during World War II, John chose to become an herbal practitioner.  In 1946, he graduated with a Master of Herbology under Dr. H. Knowles at the Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Two years later he received his Naturopathic Doctor degree from the Institute of Drugless Therapy in Tama, Iowa.  He received an Herbal Pharmacist degree under the renowned Dr. Edward Shook.
Hailed as America’s foremost herbalist, Dr. Christopher developed a program to pass on his methodology and founded The School of Natural Healing in 1953.
Dr. Christopher’s son, David Christopher, received his Master Herbalist degree in 1979.  He is now the Director of The School of Natural Healing.  Today, thousands safely apply the Christopher methodology thanks to his leadership.
Your Master Herbalist degree from The School of Natural Healing will allow you to become a great help to your family, friends and community.
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