PregnancyFirst – realize that every pregnancy is different.  Your pregnancy won’t be like your sisters, friends, your moms, or even your own previous pregnancies.  There are some basic steps to follow to help alleviate some of your morning sickness, though.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your bowels are working – you need to be eliminating really well.  During pregnancy you don’t want to take all the cleansing herbs, but Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula is fine.

Next, be sure you are drinking a lot of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.  It is a pleasant tasting tea, but you can add some peppermint if you like and/or sweeten it with some honey.  Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is one of the best herbs for women – all through life but especially during pregnancy.

Be sure you are getting plenty of nutrients as well.  Dr. Christopher’s Vitalerbs increases nutrition and can help abate morning sickness

Finally, if morning sickness gets really bad make this tea:

Take equal parts cinnamon, cloves and turkey rhubarb powder and make a tea (for directions on how to make a tea see  Pour that tea over spearmint or peppermint leaves.  Let it steep.  Strain and drink.  It is bitter, so you will probably want to add honey or agave.  Don’t drink a whole cup at a time – just take spoonfuls throughout the day.

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