by Dr. T. Collin Campbell


WHOLE is Dr. T. Collin Campbell’s follow-up to his previous release, The China Study. In this paradigm shifting book he takes the evidence of the China Study and explains why the evidence works.   Dr. Campbell’s desire is to awaken within each of us a desire to eat a whole, plant based diet.


Following is an excerpt from WHOLE in true T. Collin Campbell style, “If you were in charge of a wealthy and powerful organization dedicated to eradicating cancer, what would you want its positions on cancer research to look like?  Mine would begin with a research program designed to understand the natural biological complexity of this disease, and then would try to take advantage of nature’s tools to restore health…and I’d spend the vast majority of the funds I was given attempting to inform the public about what we do know regarding the role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of cancer.”


Dr. Campbell also asks a very poignant question, “…if we have such overwhelming evidence that everything we think we know about nutrition is wrong, why haven’t our eating habits changed?”

“There is nothing more convincing than experiencing the change for oneself.  We must recognize nutrition as a cornerstone of our health-care system, not a footnote.”

Dr. Campbell’s WHOLE is now available for purchase through Christopher Publications.