David Christopher MH 

So many people, with chronic disorders, ask this question.  And no one seems to have an answer.  They complain of fatigue, sluggishness, blahs, pain, itching, fogginess, hives, gas, bloating and headaches.  Some are diagnosed with anemia, a hypo-thyroid, some idiopathic disorder which is untreatable, or when symptoms cannot be relieved, they are prescribed an SSRI like Prozac with the excuse that it is all in their head.  In reality many of these people suffer from an autoimmune disease.  According to the AARDA (Autoimmune Related Disease Association) 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmunity which puts it ahead of Cancer.


Some researchers believe that autoimmune disorders are a result of a “bored immune system”, because of our overly hygienic society, which leaves the immune system with too little to do so it turns on itself (personally I believe this theory to be bunk).  Others believe that it is the opposite; that an over exposure to toxins and manufactured chemicals confuses the immune system and it goes in to hyper mode destroying its’ own cells (this theory is more plausible but incorrect). The first mentioned theory has some validity only in the weakening of the immune system from lack of stimulus. The second theory would be more correct if we add a possible damage to cells by these chemicals which would then trigger the maintenance aspect of the immune system.


By understanding how the immune system works we can draw better conclusions as to the cause of autoimmunity.  The immune system recognizes self through the presence of RNA and DNA which is present in all of our manufactured proteins.  This makes our protein different than any other organism in existence, including other humans.  Our immune system attacks all proteins other than self.  When other proteins enter the system they are attacked and remembered causing allergies to that protein.  If a similarity of proteins exists then the immune system will attack those cells as if foreign.  Foreign proteins can only enter our hermetically sealed bodies if the barriers are compromised (i.e.: holes in the stomach lining (pain medications), holes in the intestinal tract (antibiotics), through the skin (vaccinations). A healthy digestive system breaks down all proteins we ingest into its’ component parts and then uptakes the components to manufacture its’ own protein.


In understanding how auto immune disease is created we are prepared to treat it.


First, stop compromising the immune system (discontinue use of the responsible pharmaceuticals) and repair the damage (try Dr. Christopher’s “Soothing Digestion” and “Complete Tissue and Bone” formulas).


Next, calm the immune system down, without compromising it, by using Dr. Christopher’s “Immune Calm” formula.  Then cleanse and nourish the body as described in Dr. Christopher’s “Three Day Cleanse and Mucusless Diet” booklet.  Learn more by becoming a student at “The School of Natural Healing“.


Following these simple instructions will eventually resolve the chronic diseases that cause so many people to suffer.


David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.