Jo Francks, M.H.

Yarrow was one of Dr. Christopher’s favorite herbs. In any case of fever he recommended it. Yarrow tea is one of the steps in the Cold Sheet Treatment. He considered it a very safe herb that could even be given to babies. He said that anytime there is a fever, no matter what the disease, yarrow can help break it and bring the disease to a speedier ending. It acts as a diaphoretic when given hot which causes the body to sweat. It is also used to eliminate lung congestion and to stop hemorrhage or bleeding from the lungs. It is good for various forms of internal bleeding including nose bleeds, bloody urine and excessive menstruation.

Yarrow is also used externally as a poultice on wounds to stop bleeding and to help them heal faster. The tea can be used as an enema for hemorrhoids and piles. An ointment made from yarrow can be used on ulcers and soft tumors. The tea can be taken internally for dyspepsia and all digestive problems.

Yarrow originated in Europe and has been fully naturalized in the United States. It has many names including Milfoil and Thousand Weed which both refer to the many segments of its foliage. Another name of the plant is Old Man’s Pepper referring to the astringent quality of the herb and the fact that it has been employed as a snuff.  The Ute name for this plant signifies “wound medicine”, and they applied it externally on bruises. Other names for this plant are thousand-leaved, thousand seal, dog daisy, knight’s milfoil, ladies’ mantle and noble yarrow.

Dr. Christopher taught that fever is a signal of malfunction happening in the body, so one must turn to the cause to get rid of it. If you suppress the fever with aspirin or some other drug, the heart has to work that much harder to pump not only the original toxicity from the body, but also the corpses of the germs. This can damage the heart, the kidneys, the nervous system, the circulatory system and lead to other chronic illnesses. Yarrow tea is useful because it raises the temperature naturally, opens the pores for waste to escape and promotes perspiration. As long as moisture is going into the body and perspiration is occurring, there is little damage that can be done by fevers.

Yarrow is often combined with elder flowers and peppermint in case of fevers. Using the hot tea in a tub of hot water is a very good way to help a person who is sick with a fever. We have used this procedure many times with our children through the years with wonderful results. After the tub, rinse them off with cool water and put them right to bed.

Jo Francks is a Master Herbalist graduate of The School of Natural Healing. She is also a Holistic Iridologist and Quantum Touch Practitioner