By Noell Larsen M.H.

A year ago a friend of our family was diagnosed with a spider tumor on the right side of his brain. At one point his doctor asked him “How often do you use your cell phone and on what side of your head do you primarily use it?” This topic had not been mentioned the last 3 months of treatment that, a bit stunned he replied “I use my cell phone everyday/all day as a part of my job and primarily hold it against my right ear.” My friend then listened expectantly for a response, but nothing more was shared.

Additionally within this same year, a close neighbor shared with me her daughter’s experience with severe brain tumor(s) since birth to her current age of 3yrs. The mother then went on to say that, during her pregnancy she worked at a cell phone store, daily causing her to have 5-7 active phones around her growing belly. As a mother she felt this was the reason her first child has suffered so immensely from brain tumors.

Both of my dear friends lives have been greatly impacted by what each of them feels was something harmful from their cell phones. I am so grateful to a Dr. Martin Blank PhD, (and the myriad of others sharing his message) for bringing to light this very topic with clarity, honesty and the exclamation…

 “The standards today are totally inadequate! When you come across situations where there is potential danger you avoid it! This needs to be employed in this case.”

Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University spoke on November 18th 2010 at the Commonwealth Club of California program on “the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields.” Dr. Blank highly accredited with his advancements and experience went on to explain the cellular stress response (a cells reaction) to EMF and stated “It is proven, cells react to EMF as harmful.”

For many years the common message highlighted a dividing line between the spectrum of frequencies creating two categories of EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields), the ionizing EMF and the non-ionizing EMF.  The ionizing had clearly been shown to have the heating capacity/power to separate electrons from atoms. Now, the ionizing (gamma rays and x-rays, etc.), a category that scientist and some doctors like Dr. Christopher have advised us to avoid, and the non-ionizing (cell phones, wi-fi, microwaves, radio & TV, and power frequency, etc.) that have been commonly accepted as safe because they do not have the power/heating capacity to separate electrons from atoms – have both been proven to cause harmful biological reactions to our cells and the structure of our DNA.

In another review of 11 long-term epidemiologic studies published in the journal Surgical Neurology two years ago, it was revealed that using a cell phone for 10 or more years approximately doubles the risk of being diagnosed with a brain tumor on the same side of the head where the cell phone is typically held. Exposing that this risk is even far greater for the rising generation who are using cell phones at a much earlier age where their skull is thinner and the nervous system still developing.

With the rapid-growing wave of cell phone use, it is becoming more important that we search to be informed. Had this information been publicly shared and accepted years ago, I am sure both of my friends would have made different choices in regards to the use of cell phones as each of them already have adopted today. This message could have possibly protected them from the life-altering suffering and pain of brain tumors they have and are experiencing. Don’t put off making changes today to protect yourselves and those you love from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields.”