Tonya Judd, M.H.

Grounding or Earthing is a title given to a principle Dr. Christopher taught many years ago.  He taught that, “our bodies collect excessive static vibration via receiving electricity through the top of the head where we use to have soft spots when we were babies. This electricity is essential to our bodies but it must be fresh and free ?owing, coming through the top of the head, down the spine, through the body and is grounded out into the earth. When we do not let the electricity out and ground into the earth, it becomes static and toxic and builds up so much that new electricity can’t come in. We can’t sleep and we become hard to live with. Each day, therefore, we need to spend some time out on the lawn or the ground to get rid of this static electricity in the body.”  Grounding or Earthing is the process of absorbing the earths free ?owing electrons from its surface through the soles of ones bare feet or skin.

Our bodies were created to work electrically with the constant ?ow of energy from the earth. Electricity, simply explained, is the movement of an electrical charge. Electrical signals in our bodies control our heartbeat, our nervous system and the ?ow of blood throughout our body. To move and use the electrical charge we need an energy source. This is where Grounding, or the Earth’s energy, comes into the picture. The earth has an enormous negative electric charge. Our bodies absorb these abundant amounts of negative electrons through the soles of our feet. Most of us spend the better part of the day wearing shoes with rubber or plastic soles. While we need shoes to protect our feet when we are going about our daily work, these rubber and plastic soles disconnect our bodies from the earth’s natural electron ?ow. Placing the soles of our bare feet on the earth daily allows our bodies to absorb the negative electrons from the earth’s surface and helps our bodies remain at the same electrical charge as the earth.

When you ground to the earth the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system balance is improved. Grounding has been found to reduce chronic in?ammation, and being as there is a direct connection between in?ammation and chronic diseases, in?ammation can be decreased or prevented by grounding to the earth’s energy.  There are studies proving that those having direct contact with the earth on a daily basis heal from injuries at a much quicker rate than individuals who do not have direct contact with the earth on a daily basis. Grounding reduces anxiety and depression by 62% and muscle tension instantaneously shifts. Other bene?ts of Grounding include, but are not limited to the following: Shifts hormones, reduces stress and improves sleep, reduces chronic pain, helps eliminate jet lag, increases circulation, increases oxygenation, positively affects the thyroid function, helps to shift cortisol levels, makes the blood less viscous allowing it to ?ow more freely, improves heart rate variability, alleviates the effects of EMF’s and shifts the sympathetic nervous system back to the point that it is more tranquil.

There are numerous ways to access the amazing grounding bene?ts of the earth’s limitless and continuous free supply of energy. Try a few of the following: walking on the grass barefoot, walking on the beach barefoot, wading in a river or stream, laying on the grass or in a meadow, and many more.  No special equipment is needed!  Dr. Christopher’s advised, “Try it. You can get use to it easily, and you might be surprised what a difference it makes to your mental state!”

Are you ready for the next “step” to vibrant health?

Tonya Judd is a Master Herbalist graduate of the School of Natural Healing and an Emotional Release Practitioner.